By Ms.
Stephanie U. Macalinao

            The Division of City
Schools Valenzuela had a memorandum regarding the Demonstration Teaching in
English for Grade two pupils headed by the Division English Supervisor, Ms.
Buenafe E. Sabado. It is to assess the K to 12 Curriculum teaching guides (TG)
and learning materials (LM) which enhances the capability of the pupils towards
skills development for the readiness of the EFA Goals.

            They have chosen difficult learning
objectives to be taught in demo caravan. Demonstration teachers in varied
schools in Valenzuela North District have given specific objective to be
performed in dates given to them. This was conducted during Wednesday unless
certain circumstance will occur in which it is needed to move. Thus, once a
week there would be two demonstration teaching and it will start at 1 o’clock
in the afternoon since most classes in grade two is morning session.

            I was one of the demonstration
teachers who assigned to teach the objectives – make prediction from given
clues, and arrange events from a story read. I had this demo on September 18,
2013. This was my first demonstration teaching in the public institution. At
first, I had no idea where I should start but due to the support of our
principal, Mrs. Edna S. Madrid, Master Teachers, Mrs. Merly P. Calixto and Mrs.
Melissa B. De Ramos, and my colleagues, I was able to deliver my lesson very
well.  In fact, after the demonstration
teaching during the post conference, I received positive comments
and reactions from the observers. It was observed by all Grade two teachers in
Valenzuela North District, Principals, English District Supervisor, Mrs.
Azucena P. Ocasla, and District Supervisor, Mrs. Lolita A. Quevedo.

            On the other hand, the teaching
guide and learning material that I have used was modified due to the
consistency of the lesson. I did not follow the TG in toto because as being observed it does not fully cater the needs
of the learners to develop their skills and some of the activities in the LM
were not congruent to the objectives. It is teacher’s discretion to modify the
lesson for the enhancement of pupil’s ability.

            This demonstration teaching was done
to improve the learning needs of young people if it is met through quality
education brought by the new program of Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013
under the Republic Act No. 10533.