Pasolo derived its names from “Sulo”, the torch used by kaputeneros during the revolution.  The barangay was divided into two areas stemming from an ancient-old dispute. Because of this division, residents celebrate two different fiestas in honor of the Patron Saint Sta. Cruz. The first is celebrated every first Saturday of may at the Bisita Chapel. The second festivity occurs every first Sunday of May at the Sta. Cruz Church. 


Pasolo Elementary located at Pasolo Road Valenzuela City Caters to our elementary pupils. It was built on September 25, 1909. It was located beside a river creek along the intersection of Polo and the street known as G. Lazaro Road. The school was constructed through the joint effort of the local community leaders and school teachers. Pasolo Elementary School then was Annex of Polo Elementary School, now known as Pio Valenzuela Elementary School. 


As an outreached of Polo, Grade 1 and Grade 2 classes were opened. The school had 50-60 pupils wherein some classes were held under the mango tree due to limited space. The first classroom was a Nipa Hut in 1909. 


It was in 1920 when the school had the first head teacher in the person of Miss Felissa Acuňa Capotulan from Gen. Tiburicio de Leon Elementary School. 

It was in 1935 when a new site was acquired to accommodate more pupils. Complete primary level was catered by the school (Grades I-IV). 

The next succeeding years marked with continuous growth and development of the school. Lots of new facilities and breed of pupils, teachers and administrators came in. 


The next six years was considered as the heyday of Pasolo Educational system under Mrs. Felicidad Anselmo and Mrs. Felisa Hipolito as Principals. Followed by the following principals. (From 1977-1979)  Mrs. Josefina Lazaro, (1979-1987)  Mr. Pablo Daradal, (1987-1989)  Mr. Edmundo Nicolas, (1989-1995) Mrs. Cecilia Matig-A, (1995-1997), Mrs. Veronca Esplanada, (1997-2004)  Mrs. Carmelita Bobes , (2004-2007) Mrs. Consuelo Santiago ( 2007-2008)  Mr. Alfredo Pacheco, (2008-2011)  Mrs. Amelia Flores, (2011-2012 Mrs. Lolita Quevedo, (2012-2014) Mrs. Edna Madrid, (2014-2015) Mrs. Lilibeth Gozo.


At present Pasolo Elementary School under the leadership of  Mrs. Azucena P. Ocasla is considered as a medium school for its environment and upgraded facilities,caters children from Kindergarten, Grades I-VI with Special Education classes.



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